Bonding in Flushing & New York, NY

    At Marcial Dental PC, bonding is a procedure for correcting cosmetic issues like chipped or cracked teeth. It can also help to close the space between teeth and hide discoloration. During dental bonding, a composite material is applied to the teeth. The composite matches the surrounding teeth' color and blends in seamlessly. The composite is shaped and polished to provide a pleasing appearance. Dental bonding is primarily used for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of teeth. Dental bonding requires regular oral hygiene practices, including brushing, flossing, and routine dental visits. It is important to avoid habits that may damage the bonded material, such as biting on hard objects or chewing on ice. Additionally, bonding materials may be more susceptible to staining than natural tooth enamel, so minimizing the consumption of staining agents like coffee, tea, or tobacco is advisable.

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    The Dental Bonding Procedure

    The dental bonding procedure is relatively simple and can often be completed in a single dental visit. It usually does not require anesthesia unless used to fill a cavity. The dentist in Flushing & New York, NY will select a composite resin material that matches the natural color of your teeth. The tooth surface is first prepared by roughening it and applying a conditioning liquid. This helps the bonding material adhere more effectively to the tooth. A tooth-colored, putty-like resin material is applied directly to the tooth. The dentist carefully molds and shapes the material to achieve the desired result. Once the resin material is in place, it is hardened and bonded to the tooth using a special light or laser. This process is known as curing and ensures that the material becomes durable and firmly attached to the tooth. After the bonding material has hardened, the dentist trims, shapes, and polishes it to match the natural tooth surface, ensuring a seamless and natural appearance.

    The Benefits of Dental Bonding

    Improved Appearance

    Dental bonding can significantly enhance the appearance of teeth by correcting various cosmetic issues, such as chips, cracks, gaps, or discoloration. The tooth-colored resin material creates a natural-looking result indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.

    Preservation of Tooth Structure

    Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, dental bonding usually requires minimal removal of tooth structure. It is a conservative treatment option that helps maintain the integrity and strength of the natural tooth.

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    Non-Invasive and Quick

    Dental bonding is a non-surgical and relatively quick procedure that can often be completed in a single dental visit. It typically requires less preparation and minimal anesthesia compared to more extensive treatments.

    Dental bonding can address various cosmetic concerns, including repairing chips, closing small gaps, reshaping uneven or misshapen teeth, and covering stains or discoloration. To learn more about dental bonding, contact Marcial Dental PC at 164-11 Crocheron Ave, Flushing 11358, or call (718) 353-1309, or at 150 E 58th St. 8 Floor Annex, New York 10155, or call (917) 227-2328.

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